3D Animation: Drawing Your Way to a Career

3D Animation Image The world of 3D animation careers is a competitive one. However, if you enjoy working in front of the computer and creating something out of nothing, you might have a very strong future in 3D computer animation.


What Types of Careers Exist in 3D Animation?

3D animation careers can vary from specialty to specialty. Some 3D animators work on full length feature films while other 3D animation jobs revolve around short skits used in advertising or on webpages. As a 3D animator you can also work on video games or the special effects used in things like action films. If you would like to become even more specialized, you can look into doing graphics just involving people, landscapes or buildings.

3D Animation Jobs Expectations

Many 3D animators are self-employed which sounds nice in theory, but long hours are definitely a part of the job; especially if you have a deadline. If working for yourself isn’t on your To-do list though, you can find jobs working for various companies in the film or video game industry. Though there is an increased demand for employees in the 3D animation and media arts field, finding jobs can be difficult. For one thing, many people have hopes of becoming animators, making the field itself very competitive. Another issue is the fact that many companies are hiring people from overseas. Despite this competition, if becoming an animator is what you desire, it is possible to make your dream come true. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that the median salary for media arts and animation jobs is $58,510 or $28.13 an hour.

What is the First Step to Becoming a 3D Animator?

A Bachelor’s Degree in 3D Animation Design, media arts, computer graphics or something similar is needed to enter the field of computer animation. As a student you will build up your portfolio through your courses and internships. Experience in the field will help you to be more competitive and land a job quicker so if you can find an internship in college that will help you tremendously in your future endeavors.
There are many popular computer animation colleges out there. The Art Institutes, the New York Film Academy and Full Sail University are just some of the great options out there for an animation education. As a student, you will take coursework to learn all about the various animation software programs available as well as things like the history of animation, cartooning, storyboards and compositing.